Companies Repository

Companies Repository

1. Project Information’s

This project was an online database, where anyone could search for Portuguese companies through various ways, including related companies by activities.

This was a side project developed only for personal use. As it was beginning to get indexed by Google it started receiving a lot of daily people searching for companies.

This project was later shutdown and now it is available on Github.

The source code for this project doesn’t include any information’s about the companies, you have to get it however you want and add it to the database by yourself.

2. Features

3. How I got the database

Someday I was search for a company, and I found a website that was really slow and ugly, and I thought to myself that I could do it better. So I decided to build a crawler to fetch all the companies in that same website.

I ended up with little more than 700 000 company records, that included much more that just the company name and address.

4. Final project

Index Page index page

Company Profile company profile

Contact Page contact page

Hidden Status Page status page

5. Statistics

Average load time load_time page

Clicks and impressions on Google Search google_search page

Last month of cloudflare analytics last_month page

Example of structured data inside Google Search Console search_data page

Twitter page - every time we crawl a new company we publish a new tweet twitter page