Connected Words

Connected Words

1. Project Information’s

Connected word is a very simple mobile game, where the player needs to find all words that can be built using a given list of letters, inspired by this game.

This game is built using the Godot Engine and has an integration with Catappult Eskills that provided an easy multiplayer system with matchmaking and money prizes for players.

The Eskills integration was built using godot-eskills, that is a very small godot plugins that makes it very easy to add this functionality to games.

2. Features

3. How the game knows what are valid words

In the Dictionaries folder, are 2 word lists, the “small” (aka game words) contains the 1 000 most used words in the english dictionary, the other one contains about 10 000 common used words (aka optional words).

The game words are the only words that can show up in the game board, the optional words are used as a small reward for the player to find a word outside the most used words.

4. Point system

The player is rewarded for each word he finds.

If the word found belongs to the game words, the player receives the same amount of points as the number of letters in the word.

If the player finds an optional word, he receives just 1 point as extra bonus.

5. How the game pick’s the Board Words

In the beginning of each game or new level, the game picks a random game word with a length of 6 or 7 letters, then it gets all anagrams that are in the game words list and places it in the game board.

During the game start, all anagram words that are in the optional words are also saved in memory to be match every time the player tries a new word that is not in the game board.

6. Final project

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