Logistics Management

Logistics Management

1. Project Information’s

During my first year of under graduation, I was contracted by a company to solve problems and speed up processes inside a local logistics company.

The biggest problem in the company was how they handled every waybill, because they were restrained to a single Excel file that stored thousands of Excel functions, automation and waybill records. And because they were just a local company, that meant that they had to integrate with other bigger logistics companies, that sent them every morning what packages they were sending and where does packages needed to be at the end of the day.

All of this resulted, that they had to open that giant excel file every morning to start working and because the file was so big (more than 500Mb just in raw data) they had to wait around 60 minutes just for the excel to finish loading and started allowing for data to be imported.

Let’s remember that this was a logistics company, they start working very early in the day, way before 7 AM. Taking into consideration that the file took so long to open, someone had to get in the warehouse 1 hour early to start taking care of it.

So the main goal for the project was to reduce this daily initial drag to let the team work faster. Another goal was to better integrate with these bigger companies since they would receive another excel file with just the deliveries for the day, and at the end of the day, this company had to send back the same file filled up with what was delivered and what not.

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