A Google Drive Interface for your Cloudflare R2 Buckets!

This project is deployed/self-hosted in your own Cloudflare Account as a Worker, and no credential/token is required to start using it.

You can see an live example, in read-only mode, in your browser at https://r2-explorer.massadas.com/

This project is still in development, and there are definitely going to be some weird issues sometimes, but when you find something please open an new issue for it to get solved.



Q. Is there any Authentication for r2-explorer?

A. No. If you want authenticated access, you must setup Cloudflare Access in your account. Access is free up to 50 users.

Q. Can i upload files bigger than 100MB?

A. Yes! R2-Explorer now support’s Multipart Upload, that splits the files you are uploading in about 95MB chunks for uploading within the Cloudflare 100MB uploading limit.

Getting Started

Run this command to get an example project setup

npx r2-explorer my-r2-explorer

Change into the newly created directory and install the packages

cd my-r2-explorer
npm install

Update the wrangler.toml with your R2 Buckets (tip: you can setup as many Buckets as your want)

- wrangler.toml -
binding = 'my-bucket-name'
bucket_name = 'my-bucket-name'
preview_bucket_name = 'my-bucket-name'

If you want to be able to upload/modify your buckets, you must update the readonly flag in src/index.ts file.

After that just run publish and the project will be up and running for you and everyone you invite to use the Buckets

wrangler publish

Upgrading your installation

In order to update to the latest version you just need to install the latest r2-explorer package from npm and re-deploy your application

npm install r2-explorer@latest --save
wrangler publish


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